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Kitchen Remodel
January 19, 2012

Planning Your KitchenYour kitchen-remodeling project is large or small, you need a plan. Not something sketched on a napkin or jotted down on a few scraps of paper. You need a solid, realistic, accurate plan of what you want, need, and can afford....

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Kitchen Remodeling For Dummies has released a list of the top dishwasher manufacturers. After analyzing available research from various investigative organizations this list was compiled. The following top dishwasher manufacturers have been given high marks for water conservation, accessibility, Energy Star ratings, cost effectiveness, and quietness. 

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A tape measure sitting on top of kitchen plans

Measuring Your Kitchen Successfully

Use the following checklist when you measure your kitchen and you’re less likely to make a mistake or run into problems:

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A newly decorated kitchen with black tile

Keeping Safe in the Kitchen

Young an old use the kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s also the room where accidents occur all too often. But don’t fret! You can take the following steps to make your remodeled kitchen safer and more enjoyable for everyone:

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An elegant kitchen

Money Saving Remodeling Tips

No one wants to or should spend more money on a remodel project than is necessary. The following tips help you get the most for your remodeling dollars.

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A trendy and sleek kitchen

Trends in kitchen design 

 If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you probably want your new kitchen to look fresh and new. This article overviews some hot trends in kitchen design that you just might want to work into your kitchen.

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An eerily lit and daunting kitchen

Ten critical design issues

Your kitchen may be the most popular room in your home, so you want it to work right. And if your kitchen is designed properly, it will become an area where family and guests will naturally gravitate. This chapter offers you ways to make sure your kitchen space functions well.

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An old and new kitchen floor side by side

Choosing to Remove the Old Flooring- Or Not

You may not need to gut back to the subfloor when you take out the old flooring. In fact, old tiles, linoleum, and even sheet flooring can be difficult and sometimes impossible to remove without damaging the subfloor.

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A Synthetic kitchen floor

Synthetic flooring

You may hear people refer to synthetic wood flooring as Pergo, which is actually one brand-name that’s commonly used as a term for the entire synthetic flooring category. Sort of like asking for a Kleenex when what you really want is a tissue.

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Wood floors in a decorated kitchen

Keeping it real with wood- Or going synthetic

If you’re looking for added warmth, both actual and aesthetic, consider a real (solid) wood or wood look-alike (synthetic) floor. Besides adding beauty and elegance, a solid or synthetic wood floor does a marvelous job at creating a natural flow between rooms, especially in an open floor plan where there are no walls to define where, for example, the kitchen ends and the family room or dining room begins.

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A slate kitchen floor

 Slate (And other stone tiles)

If you want to make your kitchen elegant, then go with something in the stone tile family. You may be surprised to find out that not all stone tiles are expensive. Different surface textures are available, ranging from shiny and polished (which is quite slippery when wet) to dull (not nearly as slippery but not as good looking, either). Prices for all these types of stone flooring vary widely depending on what part of the country you’re in, so you’ll need to check in your area to see how much you need to spend to buy such a floor. The biggest drawback with any stone floor is that its useful lifetime will outlast your decorating tastes. Additionally, they’re higher maintenance than ceramic tile. Even so, here’s a closer look at the types of stone tile that just may be the thing that trips your floor trigger.

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