Disposals & Compactors

Kitchen Remodeling For Dummies has released a list of the top garbage disposal manufacturers. After analyzing available research from various investigative organizations this list was compiled. The following top garbage disposal manufacturers have been given high marks for outstanding performance, reliable power output, and the least amount of noise pollution.

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A kitchen compactor

Taking Out the Garbage: Disposers and Compactors

Garbage disposers are found in most kitchens today. They come in a range of sizes, based on the horsepower of the motor. For most families, a disposer with a 1/2- or 5/8-horsepower motor performs well and should last for years. One-quarter-horsepower units are also available, but because they’re not as powerful as the slightly larger units, they don’t last as long. And spending the money for a 1-horsepower unit is, in my option, a waste of money, unless you throw away an awful lot of food waste every day.

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A garbage disposer

Is a garbage disposer in your future?

Having a garbage disposer in your home is great because you can get rid of food waste quickly and eliminate the odors from foods that otherwise linger in your garbage can. But even though a disposer is a handy piece of equipment, it does mean you’ll be running food waste through the drain lines. And if the inside of the drainpipe isn’t as clean as it can be, you could be in for a plugged drain in very short order. I know this for a fact because it happened to me in the first house we owned. And, wouldn’t you know it? The tragedy happened on Thanksgiving Day- when we were hosting our first family dinner in our new home!

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