Adding Natural Light To Your Kitchen Without Windows

Written by bprescottMarch 2, 2012
Light entering a kitchen through the window

Adding natural light without a window- Is that possible?

Although windows are only installed on exterior walls, you can let more natural, ambient light into the kitchen by opening up a wall or part of a wall to an adjacent room. Creating a look-through, pass-through, or even a countertop/serving area allows light to spill from one room to another. Couple this type of light increase with new or additional fixtures and your kitchen can look like those kitchens you see in magazines and showrooms.

Installing your new windows

Tearing out old windows and replacing them with identically sized replacements may seem like a fairly straightforward project- and it is. You should know, however, that it generally takes about a half a day to remove an old window and install a new one- replacing a lot of windows adds days of work to the length of the project.

There’s a lot more to replacing windows than simply ripping out the old ones and slapping in new. You’ll need to do finish trim work once the new windows are installed, and there’s always the possibility that some of the existing framing could have rot and must be replaced before the new windows are installed.

Whether you decide to install same-size windows or change the window sizes- especially if you go larger- you must take certain structural issues into consideration. In either case, I suggest you hire a pro to install the new windows. That way, you can kick back and relax and let the contractor worry about getting the necessary permits and inspections and whether or not the new openings are structurally strong enough to support the windows- and the wall!


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