A row of yellow cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling For Dummies has released a list of the top cabinet manufacturers. After analyzing available research from various investigative organizations this list was compiled. The following top cabinet manufacturers have been given high marks for storage capacity, style, construction quality, and accessibility.

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A kitchen with purple cabinets

Storage Design Options

Sure, most folks only see the outside of your cabinets, but how cabinets are designed and how they function on the inside is just as important to you as how they look on the outside. Check out the choices available to maximize your storage capacity.

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fancy cabinet hardware

Making the “hard” ware choices

An often-overlooked part of selecting cabinets is deciding what type of hardware to use. Take a look at the four different types of hardware:

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A kitchen with unfinished kitchen cabinets

Finishing options

You usually have three options for the finish:

  • Factory-applied finishes actually are among the best and most consistent. Major cabinet manufacturers have automated finish application systems that ensure even application as well as controlled temperature and humidity levels for the best drying results.
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kitchen cabinet drawers

Dealing with doors and drawers

Now it’s time to make the most important choice — style-wise: What will the door and drawer fronts look like? The doors are the largest exposed surface of the cabinet and they give cabinets their style. You can find everything from a flat-panel or slab door, to square raised-panel, to a Shaker style flat- and recessed-panel door. Figure 8-3 shows you some of the most popular door styles. Check out all the current styles at a home center or a cabinetmaker’s shop. The color insert section also shows a variety of door and drawer styles.

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Cabinet Material Choices

February 12, 2012
red laminate kitchen cabinets

Mulling over material choices

As you begin shopping for cabinets, you’ll find one thing for sure- few manufacturers make solid-wood cabinets. And if you do find some, the price tag will probably send you into shock. Most cabinets are made of several different materials- some for strength and durability and some for appearance. Many cabinets have solid wood face frames and solid wood doors with the box (body) of the cabinet being made of plywood. These materials determine how long you can expect the cabinets to last and how good they look. Take a closer look at your options.

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Regal and extravagant kitchen cabinets in a classy kitchen

Taking note of cabinet types and sizes

Regardless of whether you select stock or custom-made cabinets, the types of cabinet you select from are the same. Sizes will vary, especially with custom-made cabinets, because they’re being built to fit a specific area or dimension. Stock cabinets come in standard heights, widths, and depths, and any leftover spaces or gaps between a run of stock cabinets are filled with filler strips.

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Cabinets: Framed or Frameless?

February 12, 2012
A set of traditional framed cabinets

Considering cabinet construction

Kitchen cabinets are generally divided into two construction types: framed or frameless. Both styles have one thing in common: each cabinet, regardless of the construction style, starts as a box. After that, things happen that give the cabinets different looks. Framed cabinets have a more traditional appearance, and frameless cabinets, often referred to as European-style cabinets, have a more contemporary look. Remember, too, that the type of material and the style of the doors and drawers and the hardware you choose will affect the look of the cabinet, no matter what type you choose.

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Stock cabinet faces

Comparing stock versus custom-made

There are two basic types of cabinets to choose from: stock and custom-made. Budget will play a big part when deciding which type you choose, as will whether you’re planning on doing the installation or hiring someone to install the cabinets for you. Let’s look at both types to help you decide which ones fit best in your new kitchen and budget.

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A closeup of cabinet doors

Replacing the old cabinets with new

Now we come to the most involved and expensive option- replacing the old cabinets with new ones. Choose this option if your old cabinets are too few in number, in need of a lot of repairs to make them serviceable, or if you want everything in the old kitchen replaced.

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