A tape measure sitting on top of kitchen plans

Measuring Your Kitchen Successfully

Use the following checklist when you measure your kitchen and you’re less likely to make a mistake or run into problems:

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A newly decorated kitchen with black tile

Keeping Safe in the Kitchen

Young an old use the kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s also the room where accidents occur all too often. But don’t fret! You can take the following steps to make your remodeled kitchen safer and more enjoyable for everyone:

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An elegant kitchen

Money Saving Remodeling Tips

No one wants to or should spend more money on a remodel project than is necessary. The following tips help you get the most for your remodeling dollars.

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A trendy and sleek kitchen

Trends in kitchen design 

 If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you probably want your new kitchen to look fresh and new. This article overviews some hot trends in kitchen design that you just might want to work into your kitchen.

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An eerily lit and daunting kitchen

Ten critical design issues

Your kitchen may be the most popular room in your home, so you want it to work right. And if your kitchen is designed properly, it will become an area where family and guests will naturally gravitate. This chapter offers you ways to make sure your kitchen space functions well.

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Hard hat under cash

Staying off the hook! Get a lien-release form

If a subcontractor or material supplier doesn’t receive payment from the general contractor for her services or materials, she can bring a legal claim against your property by filing a mechanic’s lien. If you have a lien against your home, you can’t sell your house and you probably won’t be able to secure financing until the lien is satisfied or the dispute is resolved.

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A remodeled kitchen

Dealing with the Day-to-Day during Construction

After you’ve hired your contractor, get used to having a lot of strangers in your home. They’ll be there for the better part of days, weeks, or maybe months, so do your best to get along and to stay out of their way. Not that you can’t ask questions, but just don’t become a nuisance.

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contractors remodeling a kitchen

Getting It All on Paper: Drawing Up a Contract

If you’re hiring professionals, you need to be sure that everyone is thinking, talking, and working on the same page; in other words, you need a signed contract. In fact, you should have a contract anytime you pay someone to do work on your home. I’m sure you’ve heard the term but do you really know what a contract is and how it helps you?

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A couple looking at plans with their contractor

Avoid laboring over labor costs

Even if you’re hiring a contractor, you can take on a few parts of a kitchen-remodeling project to reduce labor costs and also free up the contractor to take care of another job she’s working on. And, actually, that’s a good thing: If the contractor has to split her time between jobs less often, she’ll complete both jobs more efficiently.

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A Contractor explaining things to a client

Getting three bids

Just as most people shop around for the best price on big-ticket items and even everyday stuff, so you also should shop around for your remodeling project’s overall price. Get three bids on the project. Why three? Three bids help you identify potential problems, as well as get a good feel for what you’re in for over the next several weeks, maybe months.

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