Kitchen Design

A tape measure sitting on top of kitchen plans

Measuring Your Kitchen Successfully

Use the following checklist when you measure your kitchen and you’re less likely to make a mistake or run into problems:

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A newly decorated kitchen with black tile

Keeping Safe in the Kitchen

Young an old use the kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s also the room where accidents occur all too often. But don’t fret! You can take the following steps to make your remodeled kitchen safer and more enjoyable for everyone:

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An elegant kitchen

Money Saving Remodeling Tips

No one wants to or should spend more money on a remodel project than is necessary. The following tips help you get the most for your remodeling dollars.

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A trendy and sleek kitchen

Trends in kitchen design 

 If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you probably want your new kitchen to look fresh and new. This article overviews some hot trends in kitchen design that you just might want to work into your kitchen.

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An eerily lit and daunting kitchen

Ten critical design issues

Your kitchen may be the most popular room in your home, so you want it to work right. And if your kitchen is designed properly, it will become an area where family and guests will naturally gravitate. This chapter offers you ways to make sure your kitchen space functions well.

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kitchen plans

 Playing with your plan

Now that you have all of the dimensions you need, you can actually draw- or at least sketch- your new kitchen layout. Start by playing around with different locations for the appliances, but always keep in mind where the power sources are located, unless you’re planning on moving them to accommodate an appliance’s new spot. Don’t be afraid to change the location of a specific size cabinet within a specific run, either. Let me explain what this means. Cabinet widths vary, usually by 3-inch increments, which gives you flexibility in positioning different size cabinets in the cabinet run. This works for both wall and base cabinet runs.

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A drawing of a remodeled kitchen

Putting Your Plans on Paper

Now is the time to take your wishes, wants, and needs and get them written or drawn out. So where should you start? How about figuring out how big your kitchen is.

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A mother and daughter doing work on a laptop in their kitchen

Constructing containment areas for recycling

One of the more popular features of today’s kitchens is a separate area for holding recyclable materials. These areas can be as simple as a pullout bin area divided into sections for collecting plastics, glass, and metal or you can create a completely separate closet area.

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A kitchen with new cabinets

Exploring a Few of Your Design Options

Don’t think that every kitchen remodel involves tearing out cabinets or ripping things back to the bare wall studs. Attractive and affordable kitchen makeovers can be accomplished with as little effort as painting walls or splashing in some new colors with wallpaper or window treatments. 

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Beautiful white kitchen with island

Planning Your Kitchen

 Whether your kitchen-remodeling project is large or small, you need a plan. Not something sketched on a napkin or jotted down on a few scraps of paper. You need a solid, realistic, accurate plan of what you want, need, and can afford. And by a plan I mean spending time thinking through what you want your new kitchen to be, drawing it to scale with accurate measurements, and then having the entire project reviewed and approved by your city inspectors.

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